• Field surveys to identify public interest and needs, diagnose social problems and provide scientific solutions.
  • Generate public interest towards science and technology and their implications in common man’s life.
  • Organise special events/exhibitions/programes aimed at popularisation of science.
  • Organise Workshops, Seminars and Conferences on popular science with additional emphasis on technical training and all-round development.
  • Organise training programes on various science related activities.
  • Coordinate and collaborate with various NGO’s and Scientific establishments.
  • Production of appropriate communication aids-Slides, Films etc. on a wide and varied range of science subjects and activities.
  • Promote various kinds of science writers, students, teachers, scientists, farmers, ladies and youth; and sustain their interest towards science writings.
  • Establish or provide any help in establishing Science Libraries, Science Centers and Museums.
  • Create science awareness among the masses with special emphasis on youth, unemployed and weaker sections of society.

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