Visa Information

Visa Information, Fee, Form, etc

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A Note of Caution

  1. Tourist Visa is not allowed for attending a Conference in India. CISW-2017 delegates are advised to get Conference Visa to avoid unnecessary hassles.
  2. Delegates carrying Conference Visa can combine tourism besides attending the Conference as per rules.
  3. For security reasons, prior consent of the organizers of the Conference for which Visa is granted is a must for any deviation from the Conference.

Instructions For Foreigners Coming To India

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Special Information

Delegates from these countries : Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Foreigners of Pakistan origin, Stateless Person; must provide necessary information to CISW-2017 Secretariat at least two months before commencement of events; in the prescribed format (Download), for issuance of Visa Authorization, including:

1. Name of Delegate
2. Father's/ Husband's Name
3. Date of Birth
4. Place of Birth
5. Nationality
6. Passport Number
7. Date of Issuance of Passport
8. Place of Issue of Passport
9. Date of Expiry of Passport
10. Address, Phone, E-mail, Website, etc.

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