• Training in Science Journalism and Science writing.
  • Science Awareness campaigns – Rallies and Padyatra.
  • Energy conservation campaigns.
  • Elementary Professional Training to Science Communicators.
  • Public Relation Campaigns.
  • Offer solution to public problems/queries related with science.
  • Distribute educational material/literature on popular science.
  • Science Exhibition/Melas
  • Slogan writing on science.
  • Organise dramas/theaters on science issues.
  • Promote/establish Listener’s/Viewer’s clubs with active workers/participants
  • Science popularisation among children, specially school going children.
  • Environment, security and public hygiene campaigns
  • Organise science symposiums at village /Block/ Tehsil/ District/ Division/ State/ National level
  • Self employment scheme – including training and guidance based on science and technology.

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